Thursday, 26 February 2009

Μονόγραμμα (Μέρος Β) - Monogramma (Part B)

I've talked about you in times so old
With wise nannies and retired partisans
Why you have the sorrow of a wild animal
Τhe glisten on trembling water's forehead
And why is it bound to be close to you
That I don't want love, but I want the wind,
I want the gallop of the uncovered,erect sea.
And nobody had ever heard of you,
Neither dictamnus nor fungus ever had,
In the high lands of Crete,nothing,
Only for you,God accepted guiding my hand.
Over here,over there,carefully all around
The face's shore,the coasts,the hair,
Over the hill waving on the left.
Your body in the position of the lonesome pine tree
Eyes of pride and of diaphanous sea bottom
Inside this home with the old escritoire,
Τhe yellow laces and the cypress wood,
Alone,just waiting for you to show up for the first time
Ιn the upper room or behind the courtyard tiles
With the Saint's horse and Easter egg.
As from a destroyed wallpaper
As large as short life wished for you,
Fitting in the small candle,the stentorian volcanic shine.
That nobody has ever seen or heard of
Nothing in desert places and in abandoned houses,
Neither the buried ancestor at the edge of the barnyard,
For you, nor the old lady with all of her herbs.
For you it's only me,and may be music too,
Which I push inside me but it comes back louder,
For you the unformed twelve years old chest,
Which is set on the future,with the red crater
For you as a pin,the bitter smell
That hits the body and drills reminiscence,
And this is the ground,these are the doves,this is our ancient land.
I've seen a lot and the Earth in my mind seems
more beautiful,
More beautiful in the golden steams
The incisive stone,more beautiful are
The purple isthmuses and roofs on the waves
More beautiful are the rays,where you pass without treading on,
Invincible as the goddess of Samothrace over the mountains
of the sea.
In such a way I've looked at you,that is enough for me
All this time to be absolved
Ιnto the groove that the passage leaves for you,
Like an experienced dolphin to follow
And my soul to play with white and blue!
Victory,victory I've been beaten
Before love and in love,
For the clock and the ghioul-birsimi
Go,go, even if I got lost.
Even if the sun you hold a newborn child,is alone,
Even if I am the one that my country mourns, alone
Let this be the only reason I sent the wind holding bay leaf to you,
The only reason the perfectly round pebble
on the ogling of the dark sea bottom
The fisherman that raised up and threw back again in time,
I have noticed an island in Paradise,
Looking exactly like you and a house by the sea.
With a big bed and a small door
I've thrown an echo to the deep
To look at myself every morning I wake up.
To see half of you passing through the water
And cry half of you in Paradise.

Πλήρης Αναγραφή Τού Ποιήματος,Εδώ:
(Full Original Elytis' Poem)

Poetry : Odysseas Elytis
English Translation : Panagiotis Xourafas
Reading : Mikis Theodorakis


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