Thursday, 26 February 2009

Μονόγραμμα (Mέρος Α) - Monogramma (Part A)


I shall always mourn-you hear me?-for you,
alone,in Paradise.
She will turn engravements of the palm
Elsewhere,Fate as a keys keeper
At some time weather will consent,
How can't it be, people do fall in love.
The sky will picture our guts
And chastity will strike the world
With sharpness of black death.
I'm mourning for the sun and for the years to come
Without us and singing for the other things passed,
If they are true.
Bodies spoken and the boats that splashed sweetly,
Guitars that turned on and off,down the water,
Words like "trust me" and "don't",
Once in the air, once in the music.
The two small animals,our hands
That looked for ascending secretly one another
The flowerpot full of dew,in open courtyard doors,
And the pieces of seas coming out together,
Over the dry stones,behind the fences,
The anemone which stood on your hand
And three times you feared purple,
Three days over the waterfalls.
If all of this is true,I'm singing
The wooden beam and the square web,
On the wall of the mermaid with the loose hair,
The cat staring at us in the darkness.
Child with the incense and the red cross
At time it gets dark on unapproachable rocks
I'm mourning for the textile I touched,
And the world came on to me.
So I speak for you,and for me
Because I love you,and being in love
I know how to enter like a full moon
From everywhere,for your little foot
Inside the limitless sheets,
To pluck jasmines,and I have the power
Asleep,to blow and take you away
Through moonlight passages and hidden sea archways,
Hypnotized trees with silver light spiders.
Waves have heard of you
How you caress,how you kiss
How you say whispering "what" and "eh"
Around the neck and the cove
Always us,light and shadow.
Always you,the little star and always me the dark sailing boat
Always you the port and me the lighter on the right
The wet quay and the shine on the oars.
High above the house with the bines,
The tied roses and the water icing,
Always you the stone statue,and always me the shadow getting wider,
The sloping shutter is you,the air opening this,is me,
Because I love you and I love you,
Always you the coin,and me the adoration that
Cashes it:
So much for the night,so much for the roar in the wind
So much for the drop in the air,so much for silence
All around the despotic sea,
Arch of the sky with the stars,
So plenty for your minimal breath.
And now I haven't got anything else
Behind four walls, the ceiling,the floor
To cry out from you and been hit by my voice,
To smell from you and people get furious,
Because the untested and the alien
People can't stand,and it's early,you hear me,
It's early yet in this world my love,
To talk about you and me.
It's early yet in this world,you hear me
Monsters haven't been tamed,you hear me
My lost,spilled blood,you hear me
And my pronged knife,
Like a ram running in the skies,
And cracking the star branches,you hear me
It is me,you hear me
I love you,you hear me
I hold you and take you and dress you up with
Ophelia's white wedding dress,you hear me
Where you leave me,where you go and who,you hear me,
Holds your hand over cataclysms?
The enormous lianas and volcanic lavas,
The day will come for us,you hear me
To be buried and thousands of years later
will turn us into shiny stratums,you hear me
Ηeartlessness to gleam upon them,you hear me,
Of men,
And in thousands of pieces to throw us
Into the water,one by one,you hear me.
My bitter pebbles I'm counting,you hear me
And time is a big church,you hear me
Where sometimes,Saints' figures
shed a real tear,you hear me
Bells open up above,you hear me,
A deep passage to pass through,
Angels wait with candles and death psalms,
I'm going nowhere,you hear me
Either nobody or both of us together,you hear me.
This flower of the storm,and you hear me
This flower of love,
We've cut it off once and forever,
And can't bloom otherwise,you hear me
In another Earth,in another star,you hear me,
It's not the same ground,not the same air
That we touched,you hear me.
And no other gardener wasn't so lucky in other times
From such a winter,and so many north winds,you hear me
To toss a flower,us only,you hear me,
In the middle of the sea.
From the unique will of love,you hear me
We raised up a whole island,you hear me
With caves and capes and flourished cliffs.
Listen,do listen
Who talks to the waters and who's crying-are you listening?
It's me screaming and it's me crying,you hear me
I love you,I love you,you hear me?

Πλήρης Αναγραφή Τού Ποιήματος,Εδώ:
(Full Original Elytis' Poem)

Poetry : Odysseas Elytis
English Translation : Panagiotis Xourafas
Reading : Mikis Theodorakis

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