Friday, 14 November 2008

As Time Goes By ( Casablanca - 1942 )

Hello Sam / Hello Miss Elsa / Never expected to see you here / It's been a long time../ Yes mum,a lot of water under the bridge./ Sing one of the old songs Sam.. ../ Where's Rick? / I don't know,I ain't seen him all night./ When will he be back? / Nothing that I know.He won't come.He went home./ Does he always leave so early? / Oh..he's got a girl up to the Blue Parrot./ You used to be a better lier Sam./ Leave him alone miss Elsa!You're bad luck to him../Play it once Sam,for old times sake./ I don't know../ Play it Sam.Play "As time goes by"./Oh,can't remember Miss Elsa.I'm a little rusty on it. / I'll hum it for you... ...Sing it Sam.

You must remember this / A kiss is just a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh./
The fundamental things apply / As time goes by. /And when two lovers woo/
They still say, "I love you." / On that you can rely /No matter what the future brings / As time goes by.//Moonlight and love songs/Never out of date./
Hearts full of passion / Jealousy and hate./Woman needs man/
And man must have his mate / That no one can deny.// It's still the same old story/A fight for love and glory / A case of do or die. / The world will always welcome lovers / As time goes by...

Music & Lyrics : Herman Hupfeld

Vocals & Piano : Dooley Wilson

Elsa : Ingrid Bergman / Rick : Humphrey Bogart

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