Friday, 18 April 2008

A Poem By Jelena

Today is the day that never came
the cloud had covered the laughter
this morning never woke up
instead of it the light is gray

Today the beasts were being born
with loud screaming betrayed the light
this morning dust doesn't burn hard
coldish shadow can't walk in sight.

Today the air fooled itself
able to pretend so fragile
everything that couldn't been touched
everything that you could leave.

This morning the soul is crying
it's hiding reddish face
he let the truth to fade away
just not to let it off the cliff.

All beautiful lies are released
all deeds from the other side of mind
let them be brave and fly away
in the midst of empty forests.

This morning evil became dear
no, the day hadn't come
the light is just the fake dark
it is as well, a lie.

Jelena Jovanovic

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