Sunday, 13 July 2014



Trying to bear the top-
out of sheer plainness
come all the peaks
come all the tears
you will surely breed
you will surely need,
for instead of provisions
you always collect pain.

Flirting upheaval-
the unpredictable
the unbearable truth
and by lingering silence
our life journey heading up
(look down but not too much
look up but not too fast)
to clouds and beyond fear
through sun's golden gear,
and before axles are burned
blackness and whiteness
will save a grey invocation
to those green grinning ladies
who play your sloping fortune 
in a weird tic-tac-toe.

Embroidering the rough canvas-
of strayed hopes and dreams
(beware, beware of the catcher)

a destiny undefinable yet clear,
before another purple sunset
breaks the threshold of time
in an agonizing endurance,

a minor note crawls back
at the altitude of joy and despair,
the predominant pair.
The name of the mountain?

Panagiotis Xourafas

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